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Hard news guys...over the last year and a half I've moved most of my activity and new fandom stuff to tumblr. I'm under the same name, rashaka. That's also my name on AO3, which is concurrent with my account but may have some different stories.

I kind of hate tumblr, but I'm also addicted to it, and there's more general activity there. My new fandoms atm are Arrow, Teen Wolf, Community, Doctor Who, and Sleepy Hollow, with all my older fandoms mixed in, as well as movies and, if I feel like punishing myself, the Vampire Diaries or Once Upon A Time.

If you are following me or if I'm following you and you read this post, please comment with your tumblr account! If we mutually follow here then I will add you on tumblr regardless of your current fandoms. I've never followed more than two hundred on LJ for a reason--I'm super picky and y'all are good writers or content makers. I want to follow you on tumblr too!




Apr. 8th, 2014

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I need to practice programming in C++, so I thought I’d make a very basic text entry program that asks a series of questions about your preferences then recommends which Urban Fantasy tv show is right for you.

I’d start by asking if you like YA urban fantasy or adult urban fantasy, if you like completed series or ongoing, and then figure out what type of monster/magic do you enjoy watching.

Here’s my potential elements list so far!

Young Adult:

teen wolf - werewolves, magic
vampire diaries - werewolves, vamps, magic
buffy the vampire slayer - vamps, magic, monsters, finished
misfits:  psychics, finished

General Adult:

bitten - werewolves, no vamps
true blood - werewolves, vamps, magic
lost girl - magic, monsters,
being human (US) - werewolves, vamps, ghosts

blood ties - vamps, monsters, magic, finished
angel - vamps, monsters, magic, finished

believe - psychics

sleepy hollow - magic, monsters, biblical
supernatural - magic,monsters, biblical, ghosts

carnivale - magic, biblical, psychics, finished
dresden files - magic, monsters, finished
charmed - magic, biblical, psychics, finished

the x files - ghosts, psychics, monsters, finished

I’m looking at strictly urban fantasy, not general science fiction, so there are many shows not listed (4400, Heroes, Tomorrow People, Arrow).  For the categories examples, I’m only labeling them “vamps” if vampires are a major part of the plotline driving the series, like how biblical fantasy is for Supernatural or how monsters are for The X Files. Both of those shows have had vampires, but vampires aren’t the major element to their storytelling.

Please help me flist!

1. Does Being Human (US) have substantial use of magic?
(witches, wizards, spell-casting, like Buffy or Charmed)

2. Does True Blood have substantial use of magic?
(witches, wizards, spell-casting, like Buffy or Charmed)

3. Does Charmed have substantial use of angels and demons?
(enough to qualify under biblical)

4. Does Sanctuary qualify as Urban Fantasy or Science Fiction?
(if so, under which categories)

5. Does Grimm qualify as Urban Fantasy?
(if so, under which categories)

Do you recommend any other shows that fit this list? How would they fall in these very basic categories?

Doctor/Rose  Nine glow
Here's my recap of Sleepy Hollow episode 7: "The Midnight Ride"

Previously on Abbie Mills Gets Shit Done, the Freemasons tried to coerce Ichabod into committing suicide until Lt. Mills recruited a Sin Eater, who gave the man some badly needed therapy and severed his co-dependent relationship with the Death. Everyone suddenly remembered that the decapitated freak from episode 1 was still out there, chillin’ in the river like a net of cold beers. Katrina’s warning that he’ll come for them by the next sundown convinces Abbie, Crane, and Captain Irving to spend episode 7 scrambling to prepare for the second ride of the Headless Hobo.

This episode I've enjoyed as much or more than the ones before it. A lot of tumblr fans have compared it to the X Files, but I actually get something of a Bufffy feel from it too--much more than I ever got from Supernatural, or the three episodes I made it through of Grimm. There's something so...positive about Sleepy Hollow. I feel like it may get dark, possibly very dark, but like Pacific Rim and Buffy the Vampire Slayer this is ultimately a heroic story where everyone has a part to play.

While waiting for night to fall, Abbie and Crane ruminate on the loneliness of their role as Witnesses, and the viewers ruminate on how attractive the lighting in this secret lair is. It’s romantic lighting, perfect for doing unwise acts just before a life-threatening mission. But these two are all talk at this point. “All we really get is one another,” Crane says. “I’ve got big plans for our future,” screams the subtext.

While touching for both characters, this exchange did give me pause. We’ve just seen Ichabod and Abbie work with their boss to stop the bad guy, yet the show offers us a reminder that these two are essentially alone with their destiny. I find this more than a little sad, because I’ve been hoping for Sleepy Hollow to do what so few urban fantasy shows have the courage to do: bring in the community. These events are obviously real and present in the lives of the townspeople, and Zombie Brooks warned Luke that other people know and have already picked sides. If that’s the case, then Abbie, Crane, and Irving need to start building a crew of their own. In television, it may be cool to be the underdogs fighting the good fight alone, but humans always succeed when they band together to give a big middle finger to whatever’s threatening them. A few seasons from now, I hope the entire police department knows about the prophecy and is helping Abbie to manage the monster outbreaks. I hope Ichabod has begun teaching the townspeople how to defend themselves against magical attack. Cooperation is how we win.

Megstiel | Fanfic | Master List

Luna + Harry
Fanom: Supernatural
Pairing: Meg/Castiel

These are all from my bookmarks in AO3, recs and fav pages on, and elswhere. I put my most favorite near the top, but all are good and there's no true order to the list.  Just read everything!

one-shot fics

The Devil Had a Daughter (1/1, the perfect Meg fic)

This Year's Love (1/1, ahhhhhhhh + 2 more good fics)

Apocalypse Please (1/1, too funny-sexy-sad omg)

You Were Meant For Me (perhaps as punishment) (1/1, purgatory!!)

Best Thing Going (1/1)

If I Had A Heart I Could Love You (1/1)

And God Knows I'm Not Dying (But I Breathe Now) (1/1)

Laissez-faire (1/1)

It Usually Washes Off (1/1)

Glittering Cloud (2/2)

The Final Cause (1/1)

The Bells Won't Ring (1/1)

You Are The Opposition And The Opposite (1/1)

Melt (1/1)

This Changes Nothing (and PWP sequel)

A Venus Flytrap (Megstiel + Destiel in a complex way)


Heaven's Grief (7/7)

Peace of Mind (19/?)

The Earth Died Screaming (11/11)

authors with multple fics & WIPs

teaandchess (several amazeballs fics + In the Lethe epic + sequel /AO3)

Moon-Raven2 ("Half of Something Else" + sequel + one-shots)

ElocinMuse (long and short fics, collections)

agirlnamedtruth (shorts, mostly NC-17, esp. "The Cold Night Air")

Mishatippins (long and short fics, In the Lethe spin-offs)

help me oh god I'm laughing so hard

"Gripping the sheets as the angel kissed her and everywhere visible, she cried out as she had her orgasm. She stared at the ceiling and the crappy motel wallpaper as she felt herself be cleaned up supernaturally."

excuse me I just have to.... supernaturally...

I wanted to reblog this on tumblr but the megstiel ship tag is too small and I don't have the heart.

p.s. I watch SPN now. My shame is slightly mitigated by the fact that I skipped the first three seasons

#1 reason to watch Teen Wolf: Allison Argent

Katara/Zuko bright imperious line

This scene made TW for me.  That’s when I knew I was going to watch the whole thing and probably keep watching until it gets cancelled five years from now. This scene is why Allison is my favorite character on the show and one of my favorite heroines on tv right now.

Girl’s stories on YA television, in fact most television, are so often about being defined by girlfriend status, daughter status, victim status, or the girl in unrequited love.  They’re defined by their relationships with their male co-stars or by what their body has to offer.

Allison Argent is a deconstruction of the hero’s girlfriend arc.  Allison begins as the cute transfer student and the girl who is shaken up because she hits a stray dog while driving in the rain.  She is the object of obsessive love for the hero, and when she and her friends are stranded in the school at night being terrorized by the alpha werewolf, her status as the damsel in distress is what gives Scott the confidence to save the day.

But that is just the beginning for Allison.  Because that night in the school haunts her.  She cannot get past it. She tells her family “I want to be strong.” She tells herself and others that she isn’t going to be a girly girl, that she never wants to feel fear again. She never wants to be waiting for rescue again.  So when she asks, Allison finds out that she is heir to a legacy of strong people, powerful people, and that this can be her legacy too.

Allison’s story is that of a young woman at war with herself.Collapse )

Tumblr vs. LJ

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I think I'm having something of a culture clash with tumblr at times.

I've been using it for about 5 months now, and where I run into trouble is the propriety of posting in tags, blogging, reblogging, and generally knowing when something is regarded as "okay" or "crossing the line" into annoying people.

I've spent the last 7 years or so on Livejournal, where rules were simple:

-If it's f-locked, it's intended only for your personal readers.
-If it's on your own journal but public, you can expect mostly agreeable responses but still willing to accept that anyone at any time may comment with something you don't 100% want to hear
-if it's on a ship-comm, generally expect like-minded replies
-if it's on a general discussion comm, it's as public as it can get and you have no expectation of people liking or agreeing with you

tumblr is not like this.

There is no friends-only setting for tumblr; absolutely everything is public. The whole point of tumblr culture seems to be gaining notes and notoriety; if you want to visibly react to someone's post the only way you can do so is to reblog it with your comments, or to reply directly if that's available.

To me, that suggests that tumblr is going to be something of a harder world; criticism and positivity are both public, so I assumed everyone had a thicker skin. When something I write gets a negative reblog, I figure that's the cost of having a totally public forum. Not everyone will like what you have to say.

AND YET.... it seems like people have some pretty thin skins? I don't get it. I don't get how you can make completely public posts and be stung when the public replies, to the point that you question their right to do so.

Then there's tags. I've figured out by now that most shippers think ship or character tags should be reserved for fans, while "anti-" tags should be used for hate. Linguistically and logically I dislike this idea, but I understand the need for some threadbare suggestion of organized community, so I accept that and abide by it.

What trips me up, though, is certain circumstances where people act as if reblogging/commenting on public posts is rude simply for doing so. Read more...Collapse )
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Sometimes I'm afraid to mention things on tumblr b/c the ship tag system is possessive and scary.

Unpopular Opinions

-Swan Queen is not queer-bait, not at all, not even. Fandom needs some serious perspective on that. Also, as far as ships go… Just no. Not with each other. Though Emma would be awesome with a girlfriend, she deserves better than a mass murderer. I think it’s really cool that the ship exists as a hugely popular thing in fandoms usually dominated by m/m slash, but anyone who had any delusions about canon F/F protagonist relationships on the flagship show of Disney’s ABC is snorting the stupid cake.

-hard-core Sterek shippers make me lol and not in the good way most of the time

-Klaroline is awful, pure and utter awfulness, and I’m ragingingly delighted that Klaus is leaving Mystic Falls so that it won’t happen. DON’T FORGET TO LET THE DOOR HIT YOUR MONKEY ASS ON THE WAY OUT, KLAUS.

-I really, really wanted there to be mermaids in TVD. I know everyone lost their shit over that fake spoiler but seriously, I cannot picture anything more perfect for my ridiculous horror soap opera.

-Elena is amazing
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I want the story about which one of Derek’s relatives made the Even More Frightening Animation of the transformed Kanima, and how they knew what it looked like in the first place.

Maybe his cousin Shannon was a graphic artist and when she was a sophomore in Art School up in San Francisco, she and her friends had this epic battle against their fellow art student (a painter) who turned into a Kanima. Then it metamorphosed into an Alpha Kanima—a nightmare with wings shearing blades—and when they finally defeated him Shannon put it all down in emails to her Uncle Peter, who always meant to reply back, but in the end he was a jackass so he just saved the files without seriously reading them.

She wrote down everything that happened; she made charts and graphs and even an animation so that everyone would know how horrifying the Kanima could be, and they would never let this happen to another person again.

In her senior year of Art School she came home for the fourth of July family barbeque, where their extended family came and there were almost twenty people crammed into spare bedrooms and living room floors. She played Final Fantasy games with her brat cousin and his little sister, and this year she finally helped Laura with the Hale Secret BBQ marinade. She didn’t notice the new car across the street or the way Derek kept checking his phone because teenagers are weird sometimes. She wasn’t so different at his age.

Shannon was sleeping on an air-mattress in the basement next to Cora when the flames licked underneath the door read the end, almost finished now, cut for triggersCollapse )



Champloo across the universe
I have never...

Her fingers dove into his hair, lacing in as her tongue swept across his lower lip. He set his palm on her cheek, a hard breath breaking out from his nose as his tongue snaked out to tangle with hers. The teen moaned, shifting to drape her legs on either side of his hips.

"Take me home." She breathed, brushing her lips across his. He shuddered, standing up with her still clinging to him. The Alpha set her on his hip like a toddler as he took off running.






and after kissing o m g


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